Glass Replacement

A broken window is a security and safety issue both for homes and offices. It needs to be cleaned and replaced as soon as possible. Our team can remove the old broken glass, clean the area, install the new glass, and dispose the old ones for you.

Wayne Bucklar:  My guest today is Gerry Whelan, CEO of Archer Glass. Gerry joins me from Salisbury in Brisbane. Gerry it’s coming to that time of year when replacement glass occupies everyone’s mind, do you do replacement glass service?

Gerry Whelan:  We do, yes. The main  focus of our business is on-the-spot glass replacement.

Wayne:  I guess broken windows is something that everyone’s experienced sometime in their life. What are the features of your service that you think are important?

Gerry:  Mostly same day service, obviously when there’s a broken window it’s a security issue as well or safety issue as well. So you need it cleaned up and replaced as soon as possible and that’s what they have to do mostly same day within a couple of hours anywhere in Brisbane and you call us up, book it in and we carry a basic stock on each of our vehicles and mostly then he can just cut and install when he comes.

Wayne:  That’s being able to do the whole job in one visit I guess is pretty important if you want a rapid service. What about cleaning up the old glass Gerry?

Gerry:  Yeah, he’ll do that while he’s there. Usually he’s do all that first, remove the remainder of the broken glass in the window or shower screen, whatever it happens to be and clean up everything, sweep up and then cut a new glass and install it. And then obviously we take all the broken glass away with us when we leave and dispose of it for you as well.

Wayne:  And I guess some of that older glass can be quite dangerous because it doesn’t break like modern safety glass. It’s got that brittle jagged kind of effect to it.

Gerry: Yeah, that’s right. It breaks in shards which can be really sharp. That’s why we offer the clean-up service so people don’t have to handle this and try to pick it up or remove it from the window or otherwise so you can just call us and not worry about it.

Wayne:  And I know it sounds silly but glass always looks deceptively friendly. It never looks like it’s going to cut you badly but it does have that nasty edge it. Now Gerry, you’re able to quote on the spot for these sorts of things and fix it up that way?

Gerry:  Yeah, usually on the phone we can give you a price once you answer a few simple questions – whether it’s clear, whether it’s in the bathroom window or whether it’s in the door etc. It’s just an approximate idea of size, we can usually give you a quote, that usually turns out to be the price when we get there. Otherwise we inform you first that it’s going to be a bit different for whatever reason it might be and we advise you of that first. And then obviously you can decide to  get another quote if you like at that point or you can just give us the ‘go ahead’ and we’ll do it for you straight away.

Wayne:  And with the replacement service like that Gerry, do you guarantee what you do?

Gerry: We do, yeah. There’s a 12-month guarantee on our workmanship. The glass obviously if something happens to it, pretty quickly it develops a crack or something, we’ll replace it. But obviously by the nature of glass we can’t actually warrantee the glass for a year because something else might break it on a totally separate accident.

Wayne:  I’m talking to Gerry Whelan the CEO of Archer Glass in Brisbane, Gerry replacement glass sounds like a pretty straightforward issue, what are some of the things that make it more complicated?

Gerry: Usually certain areas of the house or shop or factory have to have safety glass to comply with the Australian Building Code so you would need to be aware of what they are and then we will know and advise you … what needs to go in there. And then also we can certify the glass we install afterwards if you need us to do that. If  we put safety glass in, we certify it to be to code to the Australian Glazing Code for you as well.

Wayne:  And I guess as well as the obvious safety for occupants of the house and family, not having safety glass where you’re supposed to have said glass could make you liable if someone’s injured I guess.

Gerry: Yeah, it could particularly if it’s rented property or if it’s a shop or office where people are moving around or it’s a workplace etc., yeah certainly. You would need to make sure that it’s to code.

Wayne: Now you mentioned shops and offices there Gerry, does Does Archer Glass do replacement glass for commercial premises?

Gerry: Yes, we do. All building glass is probably the best answer to give.

Wayne:  Okay. So I guess if you are off to get the Sunday papers and noticed that someone smashed your front window of your shop, they’re just going to call you and your crew will hop to it.

Gerry: Yep, that’s right. We’ll get out there and get it measured up and get it on the way for you pretty quickly.

Wayne:  Security is always a concern with broken windows. I guess worst case would be if you’ve got to temporarily secure something.

Gerry:  Yeah, if it’s something we need to order for some reason like a special tint or something then we would board it up first or secure it in some way until the right glass can be installed or we might put a temporary piece of glass in if you need it to look finished until the time comes.

Wayne:   And Gerry does your warranty service still apply to commercial premises?

Gerry:  Yes, absolutely.

Wayne:  So if i’ve got this right, it’s all broken glass in buildings be they commercial or domestic and all they need to do is contact over the web or on the phone and you can get them an estimated price and take care of the job.

Gerry: Yep, absolutely that’s it in a nutshell.

Wayne:  Gerry what about odds and sods,I guess I’d call them louvers and glass doors on houses and splashbacks on stoves and things, do you extend that to all glass across buildings?

Gerry: We do, yes. Our slogan is “If it’s glass and it’s in the building, we’ll replace it anywhere in Brisbane.”

Wayne:  Well that’s a very heady slogan to have I guess. Now Gerry what’s the phone number that people can get a hold of you on?

Gerry: 07 obviously for Brisbane 3849 2664

Wayne:  And you’re located in Salisbury Gerry, what’s the address out there?

Gerry: 3 Jaybel St. Salisbury, Brisbane, QLD 4107.


Wayne:  Gerry Whelan o Archer Glass for all replacement glass services in buildings in Brisbane, thank you for your time today. It’s been a pleasure having you with us.