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Glass Replacement for Strong Storm

October 6, 2016

Damaged glass is a threat to your safety, both in your home or in your office. It must be cleaned or replaced as soon as possible. You can trust our glaziers, as they are well-experienced and well-trained to handle all services in an efficient manner.

Glass Replacement

September 29, 2016

A broken window is a security and safety issue both for homes and offices. It needs to be cleaned and replaced as soon as possible. Our team can remove the old broken glass, clean the area, install the new glass, and dispose the old ones for you.

Louvres and Pet Doors

September 29, 2016

Louvres and pet doors are good investments in your house. Louvres are inexpensive and easy to maintain. Pet doors, on the other hand, are loved by owners as they give easy access to their pets.

Soundproofing Rooms with Glass

September 29, 2016

Reduce the noise from your surroundings by installing soundproof glasses. Noise, as a matter of fact, affects the quality of our busy lives. It distracts us in our sleep, adds stress and infringes our privacy.

Customer Service

September 29, 2016

Customer service should always part of the priority list. Your efforts in providing excellent quality products will all go to waste if your customer-handling skills are inefficient. Customers are, indeed, the heart of the company. Without customers, there would be no business. 

Film Tinting

September 29, 2016

 With too much heat and brightness caused by the sun, it is essential to have your windows tinted – may it be your home or your office. Tinted windows not only protects you from harmful UV rays, but it also allows you to save energy and add a sense of privacy in your space.

Shower Screens

September 29, 2016

Gerry gives us information about the different types of shower screens that they manufacture in Archer Glass – framed, semi-frameless and frameless shower screens. These shower screens are all Grade A safety glass, meaning they do not break into large shards when damaged. In addition, he gives tips on how to protect shower screens from … Read more

Dealing with Damaged Glass Caused by Summer Storm

September 29, 2016

Brisbane, being in a sub-tropical area, experiences large hail storms causing damaged glass. Gerry advises to call a glazier to fix damaged windows or glass, especially if the shards are large. Glaziers have the experience and they know the safety procedures in taking out damaged glass. 


September 29, 2016

With the previous interview, Gerry Whelan (owner of Archer Glass) talked about different types of Safety Glasses. With this new segment, Gerry shows the different kinds of mirrors and describes the uses of each type. He also shares the services they can offer to customers who would like to have their mirrors repaired, replaced and … Read more

Safety Glass in Brisbane

September 29, 2016

 Gerry Whelan explains the differences between Wired, Laminated and Toughened Safety Glass. Archer Glass complies with the Australian Glazing Code AS1288 2006 for safety purposes. Gerry explains the importance of complying with the said code.