Reduce Heat with Energy Efficient Glass

With the onset of Eco friendly building and star rated homes, we now provide the full range of energy efficient glasses. E.g. if you are building an extension and there is a lot of sun, you can choose an energy efficient glass that looks clear but will still reduce the heat from the sun.

Energy efficient glass is laminated or toughened safety glass and has got a coating on the surface of the glass helping to reduce the heat. This is a great choice for saving energy, boosting your star rating and also providing the benefits of Grade A safety and increased fade control through almost complete elimination of UV transmittance.

Go to Viridian website to read more details about the energy efficient glass that we install and recommend. There are a range of different types and they all serve a purpose. Alternatively, you can call us and we can discuss the most energy efficient glass suitable for you.

You can also look at our window tinting option as an alternative solution to reduce the heat during the hot Queensland summers. Find more information about energy efficient glass from our supplier Viridian.

This is a great video about windows and how to plan for efficient windows and material.