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Glass Replacement for Strong Storm

Damaged glass is a threat to your safety, both in your home or in your office. It must be cleaned or replaced as soon as possible. You can trust our glaziers, as they are well-experienced and well-trained to handle all services in an efficient manner.

Glass Replacement

A broken window is a security and safety issue both for homes and offices. It needs to be cleaned and replaced as soon as possible. Our team can remove the old broken glass, clean the area, install the new glass, and dispose the old ones for you.

Dealing with Damaged Glass Caused by Summer Storm

Brisbane, being in a sub-tropical area, experiences large hail storms causing damaged glass. Gerry advises to call a glazier to fix damaged windows or glass, especially if the shards are large. Glaziers have the experience and they know the safety procedures in taking out damaged glass. 

Archer Glass Brisbane

Archer Glass are specializes in glass replacement, repair and installation in residential and business locations. Our office is located in Mt. Gravatt, Brisbane in Australia. It was first established in May 1999 by Gerry Whelan, who initially operated from home and successfully grew the business to what it is today.