At Archer Glass, we love louvres as we think they are some of the best windows you can get. Louvres are great for Queensland’s climate for many reasons. Houses heat up fast in the summer so you can install electric air conditioning or you can use our louvres to bring in a cool breeze. If you use timber or aluminium for summer, you can change to glass in the winter to bring in the sun’s warmth.

Modern technology makes it possible to put a thin layer of metallic oxide onto the glass, giving the glass insulation properties and helping your indoor climate.

There are so many great things to say about louvres and one main advantage is the stylish look. You can choose from the many different colours and special features available. There is also no need to worry about insects and mosquitoes any longer plus they can be fitted with screens to block out the crawlers, making them ideal for your bedroom.

Louvres can also be great for people with allergies or sensitivities as the air often gets stale inside the house if you don’t open the windows frequently. Our louvres can be opened easily with a simple flick of a switch, a remote control or they can be wired into home automation systems.

If you use louvres in your bathroom behind your towel rack then you will find your towels dry faster because of the air movement, or you can have them installed next to mirrors to reduce the fog from hot showers.

Louvres are also ideal in kitchens so that you can get rid of some of that heavy cooking smell.

We supply Breezway Altair Louvre Windows.

Many great uses for louvres

Cyclone rated louvres Ideal for small areas, windows are made to order Non corrosive, long lifetime Cools in summer, warms in winter Safe and secure, they come with keys and locks Seals well against wind and rain
In your business or office Laundry or other wet areas Bedrooms, helping you sleep better Lounge Rooms, bringing fresh air to the house Bathrooms, reducing steam and drying an area fast Kitchen, get rid of the excess cooking odours

The process to buy louvres

Call us anytime to book an inspection or discuss your window louvre requirements. Scroll down and watch a video we like about window louvres.

  • Pick the type of frame you like
  • Select the right type of blade
  • Decide on how you want to control the blades
  • Choose clip and handle colours
  • Add any other features you like

This video will explain many of the great benefits and features of using louvres.